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23 October 2006 @ 07:33 am
Rat photo extravaganza!  
Well, us people who adopted rats from the Petaluma rescue were all asked to take some photos as an update and to prove and promote the amazing personality and good companionship qualities of rescue rats, as they often get left out :( This prompted me to do a photo shoot of all my boys!

Unfortunately I was 'prompted' at about 2 am and even with all the lights on, there was no way to get enough light to not use the camera flash so the pictures aren't the impressive photographical genius I was going for.. But they are cute ;) And of any rat person can of course appreciate that! So, i thought i'd share. My boyfriend took them, and he's a good phototographer, but I'll post artsy ones when we actually have some lighting to prove it lol..

I warn, unless you want to see a bazzillion (yes, it's a word. It means 'a lot of'. So there.) rat photos, skip this link.

First of all, I warmed them up with a few unprofesional pre-on set photos.

Yeah, sure, your rats may be cute too, but can they FLY? No? Didn't THINK so! But MINE can!

Moe taunting.

Handsome boys!

I bet a lot of you went "awwww!" when you saw this one lol.. What hams.

Although the bonding process with the big and little rats was easy, food was, and continues to be the best way to gently encourage that they DO WANT YOU WANT THEM TO DO FOR ONCE!!!! Uh.. *calms down* They're perfect and answer to my every wish and whim, I meant. Yes.

Ralph showing off some acrobatery.

Moe breaking the laws of gravity for food inhalation purposes.

All but one. Thomas looks owly while chrisopher brings out the brontosaurus pose.

More balancing baby boys.

Ralph stuffing his face. I should really attatch a flag to that tail of Moe's..

Bums in a food bowl: All you get to see of them at dinner time.

Is that.. By GOD..? A.. FACE??? Ralph gives me a dissaproving look for watching him eat and taking pictures of his butt.

And then, with some persistance, we moved to our set.

First of all, we tried some without the flash but they came out very dark. I did my best to photoshop lighten them without making them too fuzzy.

My two non-petaluma, more co-operative, older but still rescue boys:



While some people put their rats in a cage when their bad, I went a step further..
Christopher doing some hard thinking in the county holding cell.

"Come on guys, let me out!"

When he finds you ignore him he decides to try and lick his way out.

The youngens were a little bit tougher to work with but we managed to get a few good solid poses out of them.

Regal pose:

Sappy of-course-you-love-me pose:

Standing pose:

Licky pose:

Various eating poses: *eye roll*

Uh.. Detatched feet.. Pose?:

Best attempt at 'regal pose': (More like 'banana pose'.. Damn models!)

Sappy of-course-you-love-me pose:

Standing pose: (Again, Moe failed.)

Licky pose:

Eating pose (*sigh* He looks guilty and got distracted.)

Face-he-made-at-me-for-insulting-his-modelling-as-he-stomps-off-the set pose:

Regal pose (He did this one the best):

What-he-really-thought-of-my-telling-him-to-look-regal pose:

Sappy of-course-you-to-love-me pose (He looks like such a big boy in this one!):

Standing (or Daryl's 'Intense Whiskers' version) pose:

Licky pose:

I suppose included here could be his opting to lick his way out of jail. (Christopher thinks it's a funny joke that he knows from experience this won't work.)

Eating pose:

Photo's in the barn I bought them:

Daryl is far too regal for farm living.

All hell breaks loose as Thomas and Christopher try to push each other out of the shot and Ralph camera hogs (big surprise ther..) I give up on barn photos.

Lil' ones group shots!
This is my absolute fave photo of the boys. They all have such vivid expressions! It really explains who they are. And I love Moe's smile! ;)

Slowly, the boys exhibit that they're losing patience with me..

They begin to ignore me but Moe flashes his winning smile to comfort me, being the most compassionate of the three.

Unfortunate-balls-on-the-head pose:

Moe and Daryl turn their heads as Ralph tries to camera hog and shows off his abbs..

Moe takes a water break and daryl a quick bath while they wait for Ralph to stop showing off.

The-last-straw pose: Ralph throws a hissy fit and pushes his way off the set when I ask him to stop being a camera hog):

Me and the boys. Next time, I will not have been cleaning cages and my apartment all day. PREPARE FOR THE HALLOWEEN HORROR OF IT ALL!!!!

Don't-mess-with-the-creepy-rat-lady pose a-la Ben or Willard:

Christopher goes for the breasts. Typical boy. *eye roll*

The End!
crimemachine on November 10th, 2006 11:08 pm (UTC)
jeezus la-beezus on a cheezus sandwich.

your ratties are absolutely and stunningly gorgeously
adorably perfect and it brings a warm, tingly feeling to
my heart to see how much you love and care for them.

jtwice_removed on November 11th, 2006 02:52 am (UTC)
Hehe.. Thnk u very much! I think their gorgeous too, but.. i may be a *little* bias.. ;)